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Do you want to find the top anti-virus protection software from the Internet? Almost everyone having access to the web are aware that it is essential to get some form of protection program to some extent. This happens because malware and viruses have spread to all corners of the Internet, and  it is likely for any PC which is connected to the Internet to get infected by malicious programs at some point.


1. How Do You Protect Your Computer System Against the Latest Security Threats?

The first layer of defense for any system is definitely the firewall. A firewall can block many types of malware from entering the computer. However, a firewall becomes useless when the malware has already entered the PC. In that case, the user will need to download anti virus and antispyware software to detect and remove the malicious files.


2. How Much Money Do You Need to Spend to Get a Good Piece of Anti Virus Software?

Many people will start off by looking for free programs, thinking that they would be just as effective. However, from my own experience, I was not able to effectively get rid of all malicious files on my system before even though their websites made a lot of promises. Before downloading any anti virus, you should first do your own research online and read other users' reviews before making a decision. I personally have a high quality piece of anti virus software that I am using to effectively keep my PC running smoothly and without any errors.


3. What Are the Characteristics of a Good Anti Virus Program?

A good piece of protection software should be able to scan and detect every type of malware and virus circulating around the web. It should then be able to quarantine and delete the malicious files from its system as well as its networks. On top of that, its vendors should be regularly providing updates since new viruses and spyware/adware are constantly evolving every day.


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Top Anti-virus Programs

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This article was published on 2010/03/26